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Maerich - Singapore

             Maerich  Pte  Ltd.  exists  to  be  a  leader  in  the evolution of solid state lighting  -  LED.  Our  lighting products are creatively and innovatively designed to push the boundaries of what is technically possible to achieve optimal performance while respecting the light source's requirements.


            Our products have been created from experience with the consumer in mind, a continual process in our mission for users of our products to be completely satisfied.



            Maerich  uses  only  the most durable materials and finest branded components. We precision engineer our lights from premium metals - marine grade 316L stainless steel, solid copper and aircraft-grade aluminium. We source our LEDs exclusively from world-class manufacturers Cree, Nichia, Citizen and Seoul Semiconductor.



          Maerich products are designed to provide a high quality of light from low energy usage, an efficiency achieved by integrated design and use of quality LEDs and components.

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