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More About Us

"Always be honest to your clients" ​


- Chingchai Kosiyabong, 1971

           Chingchai & Sons LP was established in 1971 by Mr. Chingchai Kosiyabong. He first named the company “Chingchai & Sons LP” in the hopes that one of his children would one day continue to build upon his legacy.


            The company began as a small contracting firm in the field of electrical engineering. At work, Mr. Chingchai tirelessly took on every role within his growing company, from Managing Director to company messenger. He continued to work this way throughout the majority of his career.


            At home, Mr. Chingchai was a dedicated father and loving husband.  After a long day on the job, he still found the time to take on chores around the house and help support the family in any way he could.  He was not only a caring father and husband, but also a good friend, a great cook, and a chauffeur to his beloved wife and 5 demanding children.


            In 1984, the company has changed its name to Chingchai and Sons Engineering Co., Ltd. 9 years later, the company expanded its business to include mechanical systems. As a small contracting firm, the company was trusted to complete numerous front roll projects, working with headquarters of various banks, five-star hotels, factories, and much more.


           “Always be honest to your clients". These were the words Mr. Chingchai lived by, and the philosophy by which he ran his company. To this day, these words of wisdom have been the backbone of our company, and have been carried out through all of our hard work since 1971. 


            In 1997, a pivotal year in the company’s history, CCSE gradually diverted it’s expertise into the engineering solutions field, working for various high-end decorative & unique products. As the sole distributor of these products, we are proud to provide full services and creative design solutions for all clients, including many top-line designers.

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