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Polytron - Taiwan/USA

            Privacy panel laminations have many useful benefits in terms of interior light and UV protection, as well as energy efficiency.


            Our  privacy  panels also  function as innovative  projection  screens.  Holographic  and high-resolution images are spectacular using this as rear-projection media.


Some of the benefits of using our privacy panels are:

- Simple on/off operation by remote or wall switch

- Increased safety/security due to impact-resistant, laminated construction

- 99% UV protection

- 100% privacy

- Better clarity, lower haze than completing LC privacy panels

- Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) provides increased resistance to condensation

- Increased insulation performance

- Energy savings

- Superb noise attenuation - avg. > 30 dB reduction

- Better quality of health and comfort for building occupants


Our laminated privacy panels can save you energy while allowing convenient light and glare control at your fingertips.

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